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Over 50 Common and Exotic Scales and Modes For Bass

by Mark John Sternal

Also available for guitar: EASY GUITAR SCALES DVD
Companion title also available: EASY BASS GUITAR THEORY DVD

Scales are the foundation of music! They can be found in every known culture. In all styles of modern music, scales are the heartbeat, breath and soul of the solos, riffs and bass lines!

This course has every bass guitar scale you’ve ever wanted to learn! Presented in a simple root to octave format, starting with basic scales such as major, minor, pentatonic and blues. Next learn the patterns spanning all musical styles and cultures with exotic scales like the Balinese, Hirojoshi and Kumoi. There are over 50 scales for you to use to spice up your bass playing!

Each scale is presented with a video demonstration at a slow and fast tempo. The bottom half of the screen gives you the option of using sheet music in the form of note charts, traditional notation or bass tablature (TAB).

As a bonus, you learn tips for changing musical keys. Octaves are introduced to help you to navigate your fretboard. This is further enhanced by showing you how to extend each scale higher and lower in pitch. Throughout this video course you will find examples for using scales and modes musically.

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