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GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications

"Bringing glowing enthusiasm, clear presentation, and concise sentences ...Sternal keeps the pace moving briskly, yet somehow leaves no detail unaddressed. inspiring, amiable, and thorough teacher..." - Guitar Player Magazine

"One of the most thorough...From basics -music notation and tuning your guitar -all the way to complex fretting hand techniques and truly exotic scales." - Premier Guitar Magazine

"For beginner to expert... every position on the guitar and all the ways to use them to create music." - Music Connection Magazine

"...combines instruction and exercises for mastering all types of scales on the guitar." - Teaching Music Magazine

"...pure playing with basic scales and also tons of cool exotic scales that intermediate and advanced players will really enjoy. ...tons of cool guitar techniques... a rare resource that you’ll use far more than you might anticipate." - Guitar Digest Magazine

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BASS GUITAR: Total Scales Techniques and Applications

"Total" is the key word... every position on the fingerboard, in every key, and different ways to use them.” -Bass Player Magazine

"You guys make all clear and up to date ...all the information needed to be successful bass players." -Rick Hendricks

"...a complete resource for bassists." -Teaching Music Magazine

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GUITARRA: Escalas, Técnicas y Aplicaciones Totales

"¡¡¡UN LIBRO INCREÍBLE!!! Llevo 15 años tocando y ahora es como regresar a la escuela! GRACIAS." -J. Bousalim, Sydney, Australia

"Excelente libro, fácil de entender, hasta para un principiante. ...gracias." -A.Gehrke, San Rafael, CA

"¡Un libro requerido para cualquier guitarrista! ¡Gracias por crear una obra maestra! ¡Y a un gran precio!" -P.Therrien, Ellington, CT

"Como guitarrista, músico y maestro, éste es uno de lo mejores planes de estudio que he visto." -M. Rinaldi - Plant City, FL

GUITAR: Probable Chords ...a "Chord Key Encyclopedia"

"...expertly untangles the mess of theory behind chord/key relationships” -Guitar One Magazine

“a superior guitar chord book, ...a chord key encyclopedia” -Guitar Digest Magazine

“Like a chord encyclopedia, it offers every known chord. Unlike a chord encyclopedia, it shows a player how and where to use each guitar chord in music.” -Music Inc. Magazine

“...extremely guitar friendly...” -Music Trades Magazine

“...every chord in each key from most basic to most complex...” -Guitar Player Magazine


"like having the best and most patient teacher ever--you'll learn the guitar and ear training at your own pace." -Music Connection Magazine

“MORE than IMPRESSED! I’ve NEVER found any material to date that SIMPLIFIES Guitar Playing and Guitar Theory as these... CDs are a “MUST HAVE” for any guitarist!”-J.K. Wozniak, New York, NY

“Excellent Tool –teaching me how to distinguish between different pitches ...helped me develop my playing by ear.” -M. Leadbetter


“...right to the point from a bass players perspective. Thank you!” -R. Hendricks, Playing bass since the 70's

“Your Course is Great! Back in the 80's I purchased the David L. Burge Ear Traning Course and couldn’t get past the first tape. Your narration & content flowed, keeping me interested all the way through both CDs. I hope you come out with another... Thanks!” -Aaron Gonzales, Tucson, AZ - Has Played For Over 20 Years

"Where was this product years ago when I had no comprehension of intervals, pitch or a true practice regimen? Once again the savvy folks at MJS have produced a wonderful product designed pure and simply to help guitarists become better players." -Guitar Digest Magazine

The Twelve Notes of Music

“The more creative or advanced you are on guitar, the more uses you will think of for this material. All in all, I consider The Twelve Notes of Music foundational to understanding harmony on the guitar.” -Roger Thornhill, USA

"Brilliant yet simple approach to complex subject. Excellent." -J ACKLEY Tinley Park, IL

"Finally someone has taken the time to try and put it all into easy to understand, logical terms that many musicians and students of music can grasp... Having your insight into the twelve notes would have made my understanding much easier when I started back to college... Thanks" -Rocky Weeks, B.A. Music from University of Arkansas at Little Rock